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Definition of Kilometres.

The kilometer is the unit that measures the length in the metric measurement system. It is equal to 1000 meters. It is around (five-eighths of a mile), 0.62 miles, and 3280.8 feet. It is a standard unit to measure long distances geographically between two places.

People used the mile to measure the long distance in previous times, and the kilometer was then derived in the 18th century. So, the mile is the conventional unit of measurement, and now kilometer is employed internationally.

What is the Symbol of Kilometers?

‘Km’ is the symbol of Kilometers.

What is a Kilometer Unit of Measurement?

The kilometer is the unit that measures the length in a metric and international system of units. It is equal to one 1000 meters or 0.6214 miles or 10,00,000 mm or 1,00,000 cm or 1093.61 yards or 3280.84 feet.

Current Use of kilometers.

A kilometer is a standard unit of measuring longer distances on earth, such as measuring roads, the distance between 2 locations, sea distances, etc.

How Many Kilometers Are in a Yard?

One yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers

1 yd = 1/1094 kilometers

1 yd = 0.0009144 kilometers

How to Convert Yards to Kilometers?

For rapid conversions, access our converter. Or, you can simply convert yards to kilometers by dividing the value in yards by the conversion ratio. i.e., 1094. The value in kilometers equals the value in yards divided by 1094. One kilometer is equal to 1094 yards. Another option is you can multiply the value in yards by 0.0009144 km. You will get the same answer by both methods.

The Yards to Kilometers Conversion Formula.

You can apply the direct yards to kilometers formula for conversion,

1 kilometer = 1094 yards

1 yard = 1/1094 kilometers

1 yard = 0.0009144 km

d (km) = d (yd) / 1094


d (km) = d(yd) x 0.0009144

For instance,

If you want to convert 40 yds to km,

d (km) = 40 yards / 1094 = 0.036576 km


d (km) = 40 yards x 0.0009144 = 0.036576 km

How to Use Our Yards to Kilometers Converter?

You just have to follow the below steps to grab the answer in a blink of an eye.

Step: 1 – You can access the yd-to-km converterby clicking here.

Step: 2 – Enter the value of Kilometers.

Step: 3 – Click on ‘calculate’ for instant conversion.

Once you click calculate, an entire calculation will appear in front of your eyes. Whether you want an answer in decimal or fraction format, this tool will meet your requirements. You can put another value once you click clear. Always click on calculate after you enter a new value. You can perform infinite conversions for free on our tool.

Why Convert Length From Yards to Kilometers?

A kilometer is 1094 times bigger than a yard. A yard would be too small to measure the distance between 2 places far from each other. A kilometer is a standard unit to measure the distance between two distant locations. The distance value should be expressed in kilometers when it is equal to or greater than 1094 yards. For example, if the distance value is 2000 yards, it is 1.83 kilometers, which is correctly expressed in terms of the number and unit. Apart from this, there can be various reasons to change yards to kilometers.

What is the Difference Between Yards and Kilometers?

Though the yard and kilometer can measure the length and distance, they are different. See how

  • A yard is an imperial unit of measurement, while a kilometer is a metric unit of measurement.
  • A Kilometer is relatively bigger than a yard.
  • Yard measures land area, while kilometer measures the distance between 2 places.
  • ‘yd’ is the symbol of yards, while ‘km’ is the symbol of kilometers.
  • They have distinct values but the same quantity.
  • One yard equals 0.0009144 km.
  • One km equals 1904 yards.

Examples of Converting Yards to Kilometers.

Take the help of the below examples to convert yards to kilometers.

  • d (km) = 140 yards / 1094 = 0.128016 km


d (km) = 140 yards x 0.0009144 = 0.128016 km

  • d (km) = 4000 yards / 1094 = 3.6576 km


d (km) = 4000 yards x 0.0009144 = 3.6576 km

Yards to Kilometers Conversion Table.

Just go through the below yards to kilometers conversion table for better clarification of the concept.

Yards Kilometers
1 yd 0.0009144 km
2 yd 0.0018288 km
3 yd 0.0027432 km
4 yd 0.0036576 km
5 yd 0.004572 km
6 yd 0.0054864 km
7 yd 0.0064008 km
8 yd 0.0073152 km
9 yd 0.0082296 km
10 yd 0.009144 km
100 yd 0.09144 km
1000 yd 0.9144 km