The website has been developed with an innovative mission in mind by a group of young and enthusiastic IT professionals to provide an eclectic and diverse range of free content to benefit the website users in a top-class way.


We have launched this website with the absolute interest to provide our users with the convenience of using the calculators in the web app itself instead of with a handheld device that might be a hindrance to carry around and handle as well.

This collective set of calculators also cover a wide range that includes almost all the basic and complex types as well.

Our webapp is also accessible anywhere and any time, therefore, it can be thought of as an added advantage.

The fast and speedy calculation also has to be considered a perk as it saves a lot of precious time of the user.


Our calculator has been classified into 3 types:

  • Financial
  • Maths
  • Others

These 3 categories cover a wide range of calculators that are based on well-known formulas, equations etc. The other few calculators even use open source javascript components that fall under different open source licenses as well. It is true though that in the other category, you will also find calculators made only for the means of sheer amusement as well.


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