About Our Tip Calculator

Tip is a small amount of money that is given as an act of gratitude to the service provider especially in the hospitality sector for the service they render.

How Much to Tip?

The amount of money you give as a tip usually depends on the service you receive. If you have received excellent service you can go for more than 20% tip and if you have received average to good service you can go for 15% to 20% Tip.

When to Tip? Why Should We Tip? Who Should You Tip?

You should tip if you receive the service from the service provider like in restaurants.

We should tip to show our gratitude and to help the person who is providing us the service. It will help them significantly.

We should tip the person who has given us good service and made our day.

How to Use a Tip Calculator?

In the app you have to put your total bill amount, how much percentage you want to tip and the number of people. Then the Online Tip Calculator will calculate the exact amount and will even round up the total amount you have to pay.

How to Tip Different Services?

According to Debby Mayne who is an etiquette guide for the resource website About.com following are some of the ideal Tips for the different services.

For Waiters 15 to 20% of the bill, For Valet Parking person 2$ to 5$, For Maid in hotels 10 to 15%, For Hairstylist 15 to 20% of the bill, For Movers 20$ per mover and For Post Carrier 20$.

Simply use our magical Free Tip Calculator to calculate tips without any worries.

How Can I Learn to Easily Calculate Tips in Restaurants?

There are some simple methods for calculating Tips in restaurants.

  • By moving the decimal in the total bill and then doubling it. For example if your bill is 67.58$ then by moving the decimal we get 6.75$ by rounding it up we get 6.80$ by doubling this number we get 13.6$ this is your tip amount.
  • Second one is by multiplying two by the tax of your bill.for example if the tax on your bill is 5.7$ by rounding it up we get 6$ now by multiplying 2 we get 12$ this will be your tip.
  • Double the total bill amount then move the decimal one space. For example if your bill amount is 60$ by doubling you get 120$ then by removing the decimal one space we get 12$ this is the tip amount you have to pay.

Finally, our restaurant tip calculator eases your burden of calculating tips wherever you go to a restaurant.

How Do We Calculate the Gratuity Amount?

Gratuity is the lump sum amount that the employer gives to his employees at the time of their retirement there are certain criteria for receiving gratuity firstly the employee should have served the firm or organization for 5 or more years, second the employee should retire from his position. The employee gets gratuity in the case of death or ill health of employee as well. Gratuity is calculated as average salary that is basic + da * ½ * number of years of service.

How Can I Calculate a 15% Tip Without a Calculator?

The easiest way to calculate a tip without tip percentage calculator, 15% tip is to calculate 10% of the total bill then make it half finally add both the numbers. For example if your bill amount is 60$ the 10% of 60 is 6$, half of $6 is 3$ then by adding 6$ and 3$ we get 9$ that is your 15% tip amount.

Should I Include the Delivery Fee in a Tip Calculation?

No, in the Delivery Tip Calculator you should not include the delivery charges in the tip calculation as the delivery charges are sometimes even higher than the actual product.

How Much Should I Tip in India?

Tipping in India is not as common as western countries. In India the standard tip that you can give is 50 Rs to 1000 Rs. Now a days people even started giving more amount as tip just to show their gratitude and sometimes standard.

How is a Gratuity Calculated in CTC?

The gratuity is calculated on CTC for those employees whose employer is not covered under the Gratuity Act. For those employees the gratuity is calculated as 15 * by last drawn salary * the total working years / 30 for example is the last drawn salary of an employee is Rs.20000 and the total number of years he worked is 7 so The Gratuity amount will be (15*20000*7)/30 =RS. 70000