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Definition of Chains.

A chain is an imperial unit of length measurement. In the metric measuring system, a chain is equal to 66 feet. It is also 22 yards in the imperial measurement system. In fire-control operations, it is frequently used. In simple terms, there are 80 chains in a mile. It is a flexible length of metal links used to gauge both distance and area.

What is the Symbol of Chains?

The letter "ch" stands for a chain.

How to Convert Feet to Chains?

You can easily convert feet to chains using our Converter or formula. You need to divide the value in feet by the conversion ratio, i.e., 66 for feet to chains conversion. The value in the chain is equal to the value in feet divided by 66. One chain is made up of 66 feet.

The Feet to Chains Conversion Formula.

If the steps confuse you, here is the direct feet-to-chain conversion formula to ease your worries,

1 ch = 66 feet

d (ch) = d(ft) / 66

For instance,

If you want to convert 30 feet to chains,

d (ch) = 30 ft / 66 = 0.454545 chain

How to Use Our Feet to Chains Converter?

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How Many Chains Are in a Foot?

1 foot = 0.0151515152 ch

One foot is equal to 1/66

Explain the Relationship Between Feet to Chains.

Both feet and chains are used to measure the length and are part of the imperial measurement system. This is why they are related to each other.

  • 1 foot = 0.0151515152 ch
  • 1ch= 66 feet
  • Due to this relation, we can convert them into each other.

What is Chains Unit of Measure?

Chain (ch) is the unit of measuring length equal to 66 feet and 22 yards. It is equal to a hundred links of iron, each 7.92 inches and 20.1168m long.

Examples to Convert Feet to Chains.

Here are some examples of converting ft to ch.

d (ch) = 20 ft / 66 = 0.303030303 chain

d (ch) = 65 ft / 66 = 0.984848485 chain

Feet to Chains Conversion Table.

Below is a standard feet to chains conversion table for a better understanding of the concept,

Feet Chains
0.01 ft 0.0001515152 ch
0.1 ft 0.0015151515 ch
1 ft 0.0151515152 ch
2 ft 0.0303030303 ch
10 ft 0.1515151515 ch
100 ft 1.5151515152 ch
1000 ft 15.1515151515 ch