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The measuring units may all be fresh in your mind, but can you recall the conversion factors for all of these units at once? You may need to convert measuring units at any moment, whether for a project, academic work, or another need.

Doing calculations and memorizing formulas may dish out your time, so we have come up with a tiny converter that will give you results with extreme accuracy and at great speed. You can use it for free if you choose to switch centimeters to chains or any unit of your requirement.

Definition of Chains.

A chain is a length measurement unit in the imperial system. In the metric measurement system, a chain is equal to 66 feet. It is also 22 yards in the imperial measurement system. In fire control operations, it is highly preferable. In simple terms, there are 2012 centimeters in a chain. It is a flexible length of metal links used to gauge distance and area.

What is the Chains Symbol?

The letter "ch" is the symbol of a chain.

What is a Chain Unit of Measurement?

Chain (ch) is the unit of measuring length equal to 2012 cm, 66 feet or 22 yards, or 792 inches. It equals a hundred links of iron, each 7.92 inches and 20.1168 m long.

How to Convert Centimeters to Chains?

For quick and accurate results, you can use our converter to convert centimeters to chains, or you can divide the value in centimeters by the conversion ratio, i.e., approximately 2012. The value in chains is equal to the value in centimeters divided by 2012. One chain is equal to 2011.68 centimeters.

The Centimeter to Chains Conversion Formula.

You can use the direct formula for centimeter to chains conversions,

1 ch = 2011.68 cm = approximately 2012 cm.

1 cm = 0.000497097 ch

d (ch) = d (cm) / 2012

For instance,

If you want to convert 50 cm to ch,

d (ch) = 50 cm / 2012 = 0.02485485 ch

Or you can also multiply the value in centimeters by 0.000497097 ch; you will get the same answer.

d (ch) = 50 cm x 0.000497097 = 0.02485485 ch

How to Use Our Centimeter to Chains Converter?

Our tool sets you trouble-free while performing conversions, all you need to know is how this centimeter-to-chains converter works for you. That's it.

Step: 1 – Click here to use the centimeters to chains calculator.

Step: 2 – Enter the value of inches.

Step: 3 – Click on 'calculate' for quick conversion.

You will get the result in a flash of a second. Moreover, you can swap the units from 'cm to chains' to 'chains to cm' by clicking on 'swap.' When you enter a new value, you will get the same result at the same speed and accuracy.

What is the Current Use of Chains?

A chain is an imperial unit that has various applications. It is often used in surveying the measurement of land or plots, commonly for commercial purposes. It helps to measure the long distance accurately. Besides this, there are various other uses.

How Many Chains Are in a Centimeter?

One centimeter is equal to 0.000497097 chains.

1 cm = 1/2012 ch

1 cm = 0.000497097 ch

Why Convert Length From Centimeter to Chains?

The chain is approximately 2012 times bigger than a centimeter. A chain measures a long distance, while a centimeter measures the short height of objects. So, when the value of the centimeter goes above 2012, it is better to express it in chains. For example, if the value of the distance is 3000 centimeters, it can be expressed as 1.5 chains. It will give an accurate and short answer.

Moreover, in some areas, such as measuring plots, a centimeter is inappropriate to use while the chain fits in. There can be other reasons to convert cm to chains, such as in academics, engineering projects, or anything.

What is the Difference Between Centimeters and Chains?

Chains and centimeters are both measuring units, yet they differ from one another because they have distinct values while having the same quantity.

  • A centimeter is a metric unit, while a chain is an imperial unit.
  • A centimeter measures an object with short heights or width, while a chain measures long distances.
  • 'cm' is the symbol of a centimeter while 'ch' is of chains.
  • One centimeter is equal to 0.000497097 ch
  • One chain is equal to 2011.68 centimeters.

Examples of Converting Centimeters to Chains.

Presenting some illustrations below to help you with centimeters to chains conversions,

d (ch) = 20 cm / 2012 = 0.0099 ch

d (ch) = 30 cm / 2012 = 0.0149 ch


d (ch) = 20 cm x 0.000497097 = 0.0099 ch

d (ch) = 30 cm x 0.000497097 = 0.0149 ch

Centimeters to Chains Conversion Table.

Have a look at below cm to ch conversion table to understand the conversion concept,

Centimeters Chains
0.1 cm 0.0000497097 ch
1 cm 0.000497097 ch
2 cm 0.0009941939 ch
3 cm 0.0014912909 ch
4 cm 0.0019883878 ch
5 cm 0.0024854848 ch
10 cm 0.0049709695 ch
100 cm 0.0497096954 ch
1000 cm 0.4970969538 ch
10000 cm 4.9709695379 ch