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About Our Cross Product Calculator

Welcome to our much appreciated cross product calculator tool! Find all your cross product solutions here. Before we help you understand how our cross product calculator a.k.a vector cross product calculator works, let's help you with basic understanding of the topic.

What is Cross Product?

The classic definition of cross product is as follows: a Mathematical operation that is used to find a solution, i.e the cross product value between two vectors which hold to be a new vector perpendicular to the given vectors. The absolute value of this newly obtained vector remains equivalent to a parallelogram’s area whose sides are considered to have the value of 2 given vectors.

What is Vector?

Vector is an element in the vector space with a magnitude and direction. For instance, force and velocity are vectors. It is usually represented as a segmented line with an arrow pointing the direction of the vector.

What is the Difference Between Cross Product and Vector Cross Product?

A vector is defined as a series of numbers that can be rows or columns. If you wish to calculate the cross product of two vectors then you would need a cross product calculator which can also be called a vector cross product calculator.

What is the Formula for Cross Product Calculator?

Here’s the formula for cross product of two arbitrary vectors:

Let’s consider a and b are two vectors, then c is the cross product value. Then multiply the magnitude of vector a with that of b which is then multiplied by the sine of the angle found between them.

c= a x b= IaI IbI sinθn

Where, IaI = Length of Vector A

IbI = Length of Vector B

θ = Angle between A and B

n = unit vector perpendicular to the plane containing a and b

Cross Multiply Calculator

As you saw above, the complex formula used in cross product calculator, that is time consuming and deary. As a solution to this problem, we have developed our cross product calculator a.k.a vector cross product calculator. This is an online tool so, you can access it from anywhere you want. No need to download the app. Find it on WWW. All you have to do is enter the values and voila your cross product will be given in a matter of a few seconds.

How to Use a Cross Product Calculator?

Let’s understand how you can use our cross product or vector cross product calculator. We have developed an easy-to-use and highly user-friendly interface so you find it easy to use this cross product calculator. Once you input the values, our vector cross multiply calculator hardly takes a few seconds to give the results. Yes, it's effortless and lightning fast! Follow these below-given steps to find the cross product value of two vectors in a matter of few seconds:

Input should be done using following steps:

  • First step is to select a vector. Here let’s consider it to be A.
  • Now this vector can be either a coordinate or point. Let’s help you with what you must do in either case.
  • If your vector A is a coordinate, then select the corresponding option and enter the value.
  • If your vector A is a point, then select the corresponding option and enter the value.
  • The next step is the value of the terminal points into the given field.
  • As we are done with vector A, next we have to add the values in correspondence to the vector B. Follow the same steps used for vector A and you will be done with the input side.

The output of our cross product calculator will depict the following:

  • The cross product value of the two given vectors A and B.
  • The entire procedure of the solution is steps.
  • Absolute value of magnitude of the vector.
  • Normalized Vector.

Our cross product calculator helps in speedy calculation of vector cross products. You can use our state-of-the-art vector cross product calculator can be used various mathematical, physics and engineering applications.

So, what are you waiting for??? Go and find angle between two vectors with this angle between two vectors calculator.


Can You Find Cross Products in 2-dimension?

No, finding the cross product in 2D is not possible. Defining the operation of cross product in 2D can’t be done. This is only possible by extending the 2D vectors into 3D. This can be done considering the z-coordinate of 2D vectors to 0(zero). Thus, these vectors can be worked as in xy-plane which is the same as in 3D vectors. Using a 3d vector calculator, 2x2 cross product calculator respectively to make calculations of cross product of 2d vectors, 3d vectors super easy.

Does Order of Operation Matter in Cross Product Calculation?

Yes, order of operation is important. This is because the cross product operation isn’t communicative thus requires an order.

What Does Cross Product Result in?

The cross product gives you the following:

Let’s consider vector a and b. The cross product of both the values is axb. The value axb is perpendicular to the given vector. It has a magnitude that is equivalent to the area of the parallelogram that has sides equal to vector a and b. The direction of the cross product axb is considered using the right hand rule.