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You are familiar with inches and feet, for sure. But, their relationship will put you in a dilemma. Can you convert 6 feet to inches or 9 inches to feet? Is this confusing? How would you convert them? Is it time-consuming? Are you trying to remember the formula or the conversion ratio?

Please don’t bother yourself this much for little conversions when you have our converter. You will find details of each measurement from scratch. You can convert inches to feet without any formula using our converter. See how!

Definition of Feet.

The plural of the foot is feet, a single measurement unit. A foot is a unit to measure the length in the imperial measurement system and US Customary system of measurement. A foot is equal to one-third of a yard and also 30.48 centimeters. One foot is made up of twelve inches.

What is the Symbol of Feet?

It is usually notated by ‘ft.’

What is the Feet Unit of Measure?

Foot (ft) is often used to measure length, height, distances, and human foot for shoe size. It is also used in measuring altitudes and elevations. It is equal to 1/3rd of a yard, 30.48 cm, 12 inches, 304.8 mm, and 0.3048 meters.

How to Convert Inches to Feet?

You can effortlessly convert inches to feet using our converter or formula, or you can divide the value in inches by the conversion ratio, i.e., 12. The value in feet equals the value in inches divided by 12. One foot is equal to twelve inches.

The Inches to Feet Conversion Formula.

Here we have the direct formula for inches-to-feet conversion,

1 in = 1/12 ft

d (ft) = d(in) / 12

For instance,

If you want to convert 15 inches to ft,

d (ft) = 15″ / 12 = 1.25 ft

How to Use Our Inches to Feet Converter?

Use the inches to Feet converter for quick and accurate answers. Grab the answer on the count of three.

Step: 1- Click here for the conversion.

Step: 2- Introduce the value of inches in the field.

Step: 3- Press ‘calculate’ for conversion.

You can convert as many values as you wish to. You can swap the units with a single click. Suppose you are converting inches to feet and want to convert feet to inches; then you just have to click on ‘Swap.’ What’s more, if you want to see your past conversions, then you have to click on ‘history.’ You can use this converter for free.

How Many Feet Are in an Inch?

One inch is equal to 1/12th of a foot

1 in = 1/12 ft

1″ = 0.083333ft

Why Convert Length From Inches to Feet?

There is no rule to measure or convert the length to feet. Different people use different units of measurement, so to get unity and consistency in measurement, people often need conversion. Secondly, when the value in inches is large, it is better to express that value in feet to make it small and clear.

Difference Between Inches and Feet.

In the US customary and imperial system of measurement, both units are used to measure the length as they are related to each other but not the same. Sometimes the measurement of height is expressed in the combination of feet and inches. However, there is a difference between both units.

  • The foot is bigger than inches
  • ‘ft’ is for feet, and in (‘”) is for inches
  • One foot is made up of 12 inches
  • An inch is the one-twelfth part of a foot.

Examples of Converting Inches to Feet.

Below, we have presented some examples of in to ft conversion using a formula,

d (ft) = 24″ / 12 = 2 ft

d (ft) = 25″ / 12 = 2.08333 ft

Inches to Feet Conversion Table.

Have a look at some conversions in inches to feet conversions table given below,

Inches Feet
0.01 in 0.000833333 ft
1/16 in 0.005208333 ft
0.1 in 0.008333333 ft
1 in 0.0833 ft
10 in 0.8333 ft
100 in 8.3333 ft