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Even if you are familiar with all the measuring units, recalling all the conversion ratios and formulas might be difficult. It may consume too much of your time, and there is still the possibility of making blunders. As a result, we've designed a converter to lessen your concerns.

With a few clicks, you may switch kilometers to chains or any other unit. You can perform infinite conversions in a flash of a second.

Definition of Chains.

A chain is a unit of length measurement in imperial and United States customary systems. A chain is equal to 66 feet in the metric system. In the imperial measuring system, it is also 22 yards. It is frequently used in fire operations. In layperson's terms, a mile has 80 chains. It's a flexible length of metal links used to measure distance and area.

What is the Chains symbol?

The letter "ch" represents a chain.

What is a Chain Unit of Measurement?

Chain (ch) is a length measurement unit equal to 66 feet, 22 yards, or 792 inches, 2011.68 centimeters, 0.0201168 kilometers. It is equal to a hundred iron links, each 7.92 inches in length and 20.1168m long.

What is the Current Use of Chains?

A chain is an imperial unit with several applications. It is frequently used in surveying to measure land or plots, usually for commercial purposes. It assists in precisely measuring large distances. Apart from that, there are other additional applications.

How Many Chains Are in a Kilometer?

One kilometer is equal to 49.7097 chains

1 km = 49.7097 chains

How to Convert Kilometers to Chains?

You can easily convert km to chains using km to chains converter, or you must multiply the value in km by the conversion ratio, i.e., 49.71. The value in chains is equal to the value in kilometers times 49.71. One kilometer is around 49.71 chains.

The Kilometers to Chains Conversion Formula.

You can also apply the below-presented kilometers to chains formula,

1 chain = 0.0201168 kilometers

1 km = 49.71 ch.

d (ch) = d (km) x 49.71

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 km to ch,

d (ch) = 5 km x 49.71 = 198.839 chains.

How to Use Our Kilometers to Chains Converter?

Due to the large decimal amount, converting km to ch using a formula may take a lot of work. So, to clear up any mistake, use the kilometer to chains converter. Examine how simply you can use this.

Step: 1 Access our km to ch converter by clicking here.

Step: 2 Enter the kilometers value to convert it to chains.

Step: 3 Click on 'calculate' to see the results right away.

This converter will save you time and provide accurate results in a fraction of a second or less. There are other choices available, such as selecting a format or resolution with accuracy. Everything, including the calculation procedure, can be found in the result zone. Look at this!

Why Convert Length From Kilometers to Chains?

There is no particular law that mandates km to chains conversion. However, this conversion is done as per the individual's requirement, such as increasing numerical skills, academic work, work projects, or if someone is maintaining data in chains. Besides this, some countries like the UK use chain measurement units, so they may need to convert kilometers to chains. On top of it, we suggest km to ch conversion when the value of the distance is equal to or above 49.71 as it is easy to represent it in kilometers.

What is the Difference Between Kilometers to Chains?

Kilometers and chains are both the units used to measure distance, but they differ from each other,

  • A kilometer is a metric unit, while a chain is an imperial unit.
  • They are the same in quantity but different in value.
  • A kilometer is significantly bigger than chains.
  • 'km' is for kilometers, and 'ch' is for chains.
  • One kilometer consists of 49.71 chains.
  • One chain consists of 0.0201168 kilometers

Examples of Converting Kilometers to Chains.

You can use the below examples for kilometers to chains conversion,

d (ch) = 0.5 km x 49.71 = 24.8548 chains.

d (ch) = 15 km x 49.71 = 745.6454 chains.

Kilometers to Chains Conversion Table.

Have a look at the km to chain conversion table,

Kilometers Chains
0.01 km 0.497096 ch
0.1 km 4.970970 ch
1 km 49.70970 ch
2 km 99.41940 ch
3 km 149.1291 ch
4 km 198.8388 ch
5 km 248.5485 ch
6 km 298.2582 ch
7 km 347.9679 ch
8 km 397.6776 ch
9 km 447.3873 ch
10 km 497.097 ch
100 km 4970.9695 ch