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Definition of Kilometres.

The kilometre is the most common international unit of measuring distance and length. It is a metric unit of length consisting of 1000 meters. It is approximately 0.62 miles and 3280.8 feet. It is usually used to measure large distances geographically.

What is the Symbol of Kilometers?

‘Km’ is the symbol of Kilometers.

How to Convert Meters to Kilometers?

To convert meters to kilometres, you will have to divide the value in meters by 1000 since one kilometre equals one thousand meters. The value in kilometres equals the value in meters divided by one thousand.

The Meters to Kilometers Conversion Formula.

Here is the direct meter-to-kilometre formula you can use.

1km = 1000m

d(km) = d(m) / 1000

For instance,

If you want to convert 15 meters into a Kilometer.

d(km) = 15m / 1000 = 0.015km

How to Use Our Meters to Kilometers Converter?

Get the answer in three simple steps for a meter-to-kilometres conversion.

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  • Put the value of the meter in the box.
  • Click on ‘calculate’ to get the outcome.

You can put any value after you click on clear. You can even swamp the units on the same page.

How Many Meters Are in a Kilometer?

  • One meter equals 0.001 kilometres:
  • 1m = 1m/1000
  • 1m = 0.001km

Avoid playing with zeros and decimals, and use the meter-to-kilometre converter for error-free outcomes.

What is the Difference Between Meters & Kilometers?

  • Meter and kilometre both are the basic units of length and distance in the metric system
  • ‘m’ represents metre while ‘km’ represents kilometre
  • Meter is the basic unit of length, and a kilometre is used to measure the large distances
  • One kilometre is equal to one thousand meters.

What is a Kilometers Unit of Measure?

A kilometre is a metric unit of length equal to one thousand meters. It is usually used to measure long distances, such as the length of the road or the distance between two places.

Examples to Convert Meters to Kilometers.

The below examples will help you in meter-to-kilometre conversion

d(km) = 20m / 1000 = 0.02km

d(km) = 35m / 1000 = 0.035km

Meters to Kilometers Conversion Table.

Use the below standard table to understand the concept.

Meter Kilometer
1 m 0.001 km
10 m 0.01 km
100 m 0.1 km
1000 m 1 km