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We all have learnt measurement units such as meter, centimetre, inch, mile, foot, yard, micron etc., in school times. However, converting these units into one another has always remained a task. Can you convert 600 centimetres to a meter? Yes, we guess. Can you effortlessly convert 7.388 centimetres to meters? It may take time to process this number and put decimals and zeros in the right place.

So, we proudly present our converter to save you time and give you an accurate answer in no time. You can use our handy tool anytime and anywhere to switch centimetres to meters or other units.

Definition of Centimeters.

A centimetre is a metric unit of length measurement in the International System of Units. It is equal to one-hundredth of a metre. If you have seen the rulers, there are ten thin lines between every two numbers that are millimetres. Therefore, 10 millimetres make one centimetre.

It measures the length of small objects such as pens, pencils, bottles etc. Feet and centimetres are both used to measure the height of a person. If you want a rough idea of centimetres, then the width of the nail of an adult person is around one cm.

What is the Symbol of Centimeters?

‘cm’ is the symbol of a centimetre.

How to Convert Centimeters to Meters?

You can use our converter for effortless conversion, or you can convert centimetres to meters by dividing the value in centimetres by 100. The value in meters equals the matter in centimetres divided by 100. One meter is equal to one hundred centimetres.

The Centimeter to Meters conversion Formula.

You can directly use the below-mentioned cm-to-meter conversion formula,

One meter equals 100 centimetres

d (m) = d (cm) / 100

For instance,

If you want to convert 5.4 cm to m,

d (m) = 5.4 cm / 100 = 0.054 m

How to Use Our Centimeters to Meters Converter?

You can trust this handy converter if you don’t want to use a formula and still want an accurate answer. Grab the answer in a fraction of a second.

Step: 1- Click here to use our converter.

Step: 2- Enter the value of the centimetre.

Step: 3- Click on ‘calculate’ to get an instant answer.

You can convert any value as often as possible, as our tool has no conversion limit. You can also swap the units and look at your history without moving to another page. This converter is free to use.

How Many Centimeters Are in a Meter?

One meter is equal to 100 centimeter.

1m = 100 cm

What is the Centimeters Unit of Measure?

A centimetre is a unit that measures length in the metric system. It is equal to 0.01 metre, 10 millimetres, 10,000 micrometres, 0.03281 feet, and 0.39370 inches. It is used to measure the length and distance of small objects.

Difference Between Centimeters to Meters.

Meter and centimetre are both metric units of measuring length and distance. However, they differ from each other. Look how!

  • A centimetre is used to measure short lengths, while meter measures long lengths and distances.
  • ‘cm’ is the abbreviation of centimetre, while ‘m’ is for the meter.
  • Meter is bigger than a centimetre.
  • One centimetre is equal to one-hundredth of a meter
  • One meter is equal to one hundred centimetres.

Why Convert Length From Centimeters to Meters?

Meters are preferred over centimeters in some situations, like the distance between two places, the size of a football or cricket field, or a piece of clothing. Therefore, using a centimeter would not be appropriate in these situations. If we measure these settings in centimeters, the answer will be large in numbers, which will complicate the data. So, it becomes necessary to convert the value in centimeters to meters. Centimeter is the most appropriate unit to measure lengths shorter than one meter.

What Are the Current Uses of Centimeters?

Centimeter is used in various areas nowadays such as for measuring,

  • Objects with small lengths such as pens, pencils, bottles, boxes, books etc.
  • Height of a person
  • Rainfall
  • Length of furniture.
  • Any item smaller than 1 meter.

Examples of Converting Centimetre to Meter.

Here are some examples of a centimetre-to-meter conversion with the help of a formula,

d (m) = 600 cm / 100 = 6 m

d (m) = 1000 cm / 100 = 10 m

Centimetres to Meters Conversion Table.

Below we have presented a cm to m conversion table to help you understand the concept quickly,

Centimetre Meter
0.01 cm 0.0001 m
0.1 cm 0.001 m
1 cm 0.01 m
10 cm 0.1 m
100 cm 1 m
1000 cm 10 m
10000 cm 100 m
100000 cm 1000 m