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"If you can't measure it, you can't solve it."

The result is always incorrect when a calculation contains one incorrect zero or decimal. Therefore, we proudly present a converter for you to use to make computations more precise, whether you want to switch Meters to chains or look for another metric conversion.

Definition of Chains.

A chain is a unit of length in the metric measurement system, and the imperial measurement system equals 66 feet and 22 yards. It is often used in fire-control work. One mile contains 80 chains. It is a dynamic length of metal links that measure distances and land.

What is the Symbol of Chains?

'ch' is the symbol of a chain.

How to Convert Meters to Chains?

If you want to convert meters to chains, divide the value in meters by 20.1168. One meter is equal to 0.0497096954 ch. The value in the chain equals the value in the meter divided by 20.1168.

The Meters to Chains Conversion Formula.

You can use a direct meters-to-chains formula for the results,

1m = 1/20.1168

To be precise, it is 20.11684023368

1m = 0.0497097

To be precise, it is 0.0497096954

d (ch) = d(m) / 20.1168

For instance,

If you want to convert 15 m to ch then,

d (ch) = 15 m / 20.1168 = 0.7456454307

How to Use Our Meters to Chains Converter?

Put aside everything and use our converter for the meter-to-chains conversion.

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How Many Meters Are in a Chains?

One chain contains 20.11684023368 m

You can say one ch= 20.1168m

What is the Difference Between Meters & Chains?

  • Meter and chain are both units of length and distance.
  • 'm' stands for meter, and 'ch' stands for the chain.
  • One chain equals 20.1168 meters, and one meter equals a chain.
  • Chain is usually used in fire-work control.

What is Chains Unit of Measure?

Chain (ch) is the unit of length equal to 66 feet. It comprises a hundred links of iron, each 7.92 inches long.

Examples to Convert Meters to Chains.

Here are some examples to help you switch m to chains.

d (ch) = 20 m / 20.1168 = 0.9941939076 ch

d (ch) = 35 m / 20.1168 = 1.7398393383 ch

You can also use the meters to chains calculator for more such conversions.

Meters to Chains Conversion Table.

Have a quick look at the meters to chains conversion table,

Meter Chains
0.01 m 0.000497097 ch
0.1 m 0.0049709695 ch
1 m 0.0497096954 ch
10 m 0.4970969538 ch
100 m 4.9709695379 ch