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Definition of Decimetres.

The metric system and the International Systems of Units use the Decimetre as a unit of length measurement. Decimetre stands for one-tenth of a metre because the prefix "deci" means "one-tenth." One Decimetre is equal to four inches and also ten centimetres.

What is the Symbol of a Decimetre?

The symbol "dm" stands for Decimetre.

What is the Decimetres Unit of Measure?

Decimetre (dm) is a unit of length measurement in the international system of units equal to ten centimetres and approximately 3.9370 inches. It is one-tenth of a metre and also equal to 100 millimetres.

How to Convert Inches to Decimeters?

If you want to convert inches to decimeters, you can use our converter or divide the value in inches by the conversion ratio, i.e., 3.937. The value in decimeters equals the value in inches divided by 3.937. One inch is equal to 0.254 decimeters.

There is another trick for inches to dm conversion. You can multiply the value in inches by the conversion ratio, i.e., 0.254. The value in decimeters is equal to the value in inches times 0.254.

The Inches to Decimeters Conversion Formula.

Below, we have presented the direct formula for inches-to-decimeter conversion,

One inch = 0.254 decimeter

One decimeter = 3.937 inches

d (dm) = d (in) / 3.937


d (in) = d (dm) x 0.254

You can use any formulas above. You will get the same result.

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 in to dm,

d (dm) = 5 in / 3.937 = 1.27 dm


d (dm) = 5 in x 0.254 = 1.27 dm

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How Many Decimeters Are in an Inch?

One inch is equal to 0.254 decimeters.

1 in = 1/ 3.937 dm

1 in = 0.254 dm

Why Convert Length From Inches to Decimeters?

The decimeter is approximately four times bigger than an inch. So, when the length of any value is equal to or above 3.937 inches, it is expressed in a decimeter as this will give a smaller and more precise value. What's more, Different people have different purposes for converting inches to decimeters, as no such rule mandates this conversion.

What is the Difference Between Inches and Decimeters?

Inches and decimeters are the units used to measure the length of objects with shorter heights. But see why they are different from each other,

  • An inch is an imperial unit, while a decimeter is a metric unit.
  • A decimeter is around four times an inch.
  • 'dm' is the symbol of decimeters, while in or "is the symbol of inches.
  • One decimeter is equal to 3.937 inches.
  • One inch is equal to 0.254 decimeters.
  • They both have the same quantities but different values.

What is the Current Use of Decimeters?

Decimeters are not commonly used as they are too big to be used over centimetres or too small to be used over a foot. People use it in very rare cases.

Examples of Converting Inches to Decimeters.

You can use the below examples to convert inches to dm,

  • d (dm) = 15 in / 3.937 = 3.81 dm


d (dm) = 15 in x 0.254 = 3.81 dm

  • d (dm) = 25 in / 3.937 = 6.35 dm


d (dm) = 25 in x 0.254 = 6.35 dm

Inches to Decimeters Conversion Table.

Have a look at below conversion table to understand the concept,

Inches Decimeter
0.001 in 0.000254 dm
0.01 in 0.00254 dm
0.1 in 0.0254 dm
1 in 0.254 dm
2 in 0.508 dm
3 in 0.762 dm
4 in 1.016 dm
6 in 1.524 dm
7 in 1.778 dm
8 in 2.032 dm
9 in 2.286 dm
10 in 2.54 dm
100 in 25.4 dm
1000 in 254 dm