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Definition of Miles.

A mile is a unit of length and distance in the imperial measurement system. One mile equals 1609.34 meters or 1760 yards or 5280 feet. It is often used to show the land distance. Almost all Americans and Brits use miles to show you the distance. In other words, it is an English unit of length and distance measurement.

What is the Symbol of Miles?

'mi.' or 'mi' is the abbreviation of miles. And in the rare case, 'm' is used.

How to Convert Meters to Miles?

To convert m to miles, you must divide the value of meters by 1609.344. The value in miles equals the value in meters divided by 1609.344.

The Meters to Miles Conversion Formula.

To get the result, you can use a direct formula,

1m = 1/1609.344mi

1m = 0.0006213711mi

d (mi) = d(m) / 1609.344

For instance,

If you want to convert 15 m to mi then,

d(mi) = 15m / 1609.344 = 0.0093205678836 mi.

How to Use Our Meters to Miles Converter?

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You can convert meters to miles using any value you wish.

How Many Meters Are in a Miles?

  • One mile is made up of 1609.344 meters
  • 1mi = 1mi × 1609.344 = 1609.344m

What is the Difference Between Meters & Miles?

  • Meter is the SI unit of length in the metric system, and the mile is the unit of length in the imperial measurement system.
  • The symbol of the meter is 'm', and 'mi.' represents the mile.
  • One meter equals 0.000621371 miles, and one mile equals 1609.344 meters.

What is Miles Unit of Measure?

Mille is the unit of length under an imperial system of measurement. It varies with the different number systems but always lies between 1-10 kilometres.

Examples to Convert Meters to Miles.

Here are some examples to help you understand the solutions.

d (mi) = 30m / 1609.344 = 0.018641135767mi.

d (mi) = 45m / 1609.344 = 0.027961703651mi.

Meters to Miles Conversion Table.

Meter Miles
0.01 m 0.000621371 mi
0.1 m 0.006213712 mi
1 m 0.062137119 mi
10 m 0.62137119224 mi