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About Our Sale Tax Rate Calculator

Stop bothering your mind to perform calculations when you can take the privilege of innovative technology. If you want to know your sales tax rate, our sales tax calculator will make your computation the easiest.

What is Sales Tax?

A tax levied by the government on the sale of certain goods and services is known as a sale tax. It varies from state to state as per their government policy. Sales tax is always computed as a percentage of a product's actual worth and is payable on the exchange or purchase.

In simple terms, if you are a consumer, then you will have to pay sales tax to the vendor against your purchase. A consumer has to bear the burden of the tax. Vender collects the tax from the consumer and transfers it to the authorities.

Do you know that Florida, Washington, Tennessee, and Texas all derive more than half of their tax income from sales taxes, and some of these states generate about 60% of their tax revenue from sales taxes. If you live in such states and want to calculate the sales tax rate, then you can calculate it using the Texas sales tax calculator, California sales tax calculator, or Florida sales tax calculator.

GST (Goods and Service Tax) has replaced Sales Tax on 1st July 2017.

What is the Purpose of Sales Tax?

The government imposed a sales tax for a variety of reasons. Take a look around.

  • To set the stage for evaluating the sale of products or services during intrastate, interstate, import, and export commerce.
  • To run the economy smoothly.
  • To pay a wide range of local and state demands, from infrastructure to community needs.
  • To pay the salary to the government employees and interest on the loans borrowed by the government for the country's welfare.
  • To pay for the service we use, right from the roads, education, and fire department to the health sector.
  • To preserve or improve the quality of life for citizens of a certain municipality and the state as a whole.

How to Calculate Sales Tax?

You can calculate your sales tax using our sales tax rate calculator, or you must convert the sales tax percentage into a decimal number and then multiply the original cost of the Item by the sales tax rate. This process is tedious and may consume your time and effort. Moreover, there are still chances of error in this method.

To have a smooth calculation and get accurate results, use a sales calculator. This will get you results in a flash of a second without any charges.

Sales Tax Calculation Formulas.

You can use the below formula for the computation of sales tax:

Sales Tax Rate = Sales tax (in %) / 100

Total Sales Tax = Original cost of Item x Sales tax rate

For instance,

If you want to calculate the sales tax on the item $90, you have purchased. The tax rate on sales is 5%.

Sales Tax Rate = 5/100 = 0.05

Total Sales Tax = $90 x 0.05 = $4.50

Types of Sales Tax.

As per government principles, different types of sales tax are imposed in different countries. Here is the list of standard forms of sales tax:

  • Wholesale sales tax: The Tax charged on the person who deals with the wholesale distribution of goods or services.
  • Retail sales tax: The tax charged on the retail good directly collected from the final customer.
  • Manufacturer's sales tax: The tax collected from the manufacturer of specific goods.
  • Use tax: The tax charged on the consumer who bought the good without paying sales tax. When the suppliers do not fall under the jurisdiction of the tax authorities.
  • VAT Value Added Tax: The Tax charged additionally on all sales imposed by the central government.

How Does the Sales Tax Calculator Work?

The Sale Tax calculator is the best go-to option if you want quick and flawless results. You don't need to use any formula or go through tedious computations. Grab the results with few clicks; look how easy-peasy this tool is,

  • Step: 1 – Click here to access the sales tax rate calculator.
  • Step: 2 – Enter the original cost of the Item in the box labeled "before tax price."
  • Step: 3 – Enter the sale tax rate.
  • Step: 4 – Click on calculate and get instant results.

Benefits of Using the Sales Tax Calculator:

You can enjoy a good many benefits using our sales calculator. Our sales tax calculator never gives you a chance to complain. Look How!

  • Accuracy: There are chances of errors if we do computation on our own, but this calculator comes up with a to-the-point answer.
  • Easily Accessible: This is an instant online calculator; you can easily access it on the internet anytime you wish to.
  • Easy to operate: This sales tax calculator is definitely not tricky. You can get the answer with four clicks.
  • Free to Use: You can perform endless sales tax computations since this is free for everyone.
  • Quicker: You can get the results in the blink of an eye. It saves you time as nothing can.
  • Helps to plan: You can plan your purchase as per your budget on the spot while calculating your sales tax amount.


What Are the Factors I Must Keep in Mind While Calculating Sales Tax?

For the computation of sales tax, you must be aware of the cost of the Item and the sales tax rate imposed in your country because the sales tax rate varies in different states as per their government principles. The sales price will include packing charges, insurance charges (if applicable), and the manufacturer's sales tax.

What Are the Different Forms Issued by Sales Tax Authorities?

The sales tax authority issues various types of forms are Form C, Form D, Form E1, Form E2, Form F, Form H, and Form I.

What is the Sales Price?

The price at which an item is sold to a consumer is its sales price. Sales price includes the cost price and profit margin.

What Do Interstate Sales Mean?

When the vendor and buyer are from the same state and the goods supplied from one state to another are known as inter-state sales.

What States Don't Have Sales Taxes?

There are five states who do not levy sales tax on goods or services are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

How is an Excise Tax Different From a Sales Tax?

Excise duty is imposed on the production of the goods, while sales tax is imposed on the sales of the goods. That means the manufacturer has to pay the excise duty while sales tax is payable by end consumers.

Do I Charge Sales Tax for Out-of-state Customers?

Yes, you should charge tax on out-of-state purchases based on the buyer's location. If the customer purchases the item from the seller's location, the tax will be levied according to the seller's state. In the case of out-of-state sales, tax is applied according to the delivery state.

How Should I Calculate Sales Tax Backward From the Total?

You can use this formula to extract the pre-tax price,

Step: 1 Total Price / (1 + r)

Step: 2 Step-1 x rate of sales tax

Step: 3 Total price – Step 2

So, the formula for pre-tax price is TP – [(TP / (1 + r) x r]

How Much is the Sales Tax Applicable on a Car?

In India, GST is attracted to the sales of cars which comes to 18% or 28% depending on the nature of the car.

Do You Pay Sales Tax on a House?

We don't need to pay any sales tax on the sale of a house. However, TDS and capital gain tax are levied on the gains from the sale of the house. The applicable tax bracket for the sale of the house is 20% or 15%, depending on the duration of the holding of the property.

Is Sales Tax Regressive?

Sales tax is a regressive, proportional tax because all individuals have to pay the same tax regardless of their incomes. Also, compared to high-income taxpayers, they take a more significant percentage of income from low-income taxpayers.

Who Should Collect Sales Tax?

The vendor directly collects the tax from the final consumer and then transfers it to the administrative authority, i.e., The Central Board of Direct Taxes.

Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax for Online Sales?

In some cases, you do not have to pay sales tax on online sales, but there are some exceptions, such as if your company is physically present in the form of a store or a headquarters, you must collect sales tax on online purchases made by residents of that state. This law only applies to states that have a sales tax.

How to Get a Seller's Permit or Sales Tax Number?

A seller's permit is a sales tax permit that includes a state ID number. The process of getting sales tax numbers is different in different states. Usually, you have to register an online application with the Department of Revenue. Makes sure to review the rule and regulations to check whether you are liable to pay sales tax.

How Much is Sales Tax?

A sale tax is a tax imposed by the government on the sale of goods or services. The sale tax rate is different for different states. It is always in the form of a percentage of the selling price and payable by the end customer.

When Should I File Sales Tax Returns?

Different states have different laws for filing sales tax returns. For example, in Georgia, tax returns are due every month, whereas in Florida, they are required quarterly, and in some states, they are due on the 20th of each month.

What Happens if I Don't Collect Sales Tax?

If you don't collect the tax, the tax authorities may seize your business or property, or you will have to pay back the tax with interest or other penalties. Moreover, you may be charged with fraud if you keep the tax money with you instead of remitting it.