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Stop bothering yourself with petty conversions when you already have a handy converter for quick solutions. Or, in case you know the approaches to convert units, but it takes up your time, then you can rely on our Converter to grab correct answers in a millisecond. You can switch feet to meters using our Converter at any time.

Definition of Meters.

A meter is the basic unit of length or distance in metric and international units. A metre equals a hundred centimetres and 39.37 inches. It is often used to measure the distance between two places, the length of rooms or houses, the size of the ground, the size of cloths and so on.

What is the Symbol of Meters?

'm' is the symbol of meters.

How to Convert Feet to Meters?

To convert feet to meters, multiply the value in feet by the conversion ratio, i.e., 0.3048. The value of the meter is equal to the value in feet multiplied by 0.3048. One foot equals 0.3048m.

The Feet to Meters Conversion Formula.

You can use the direct formula for feet to meter conversion,

1 foot = 0.3048m

d(m) = d(ft) × 0.3048

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 ft to m,

d(m) = 5ft × 0.3048 = 1.524 m

How to Use Our Feet to Meters Converter?

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How Many Feet in a Meter?

  • One meter equals 3.2808 feet
  • 1m = 1m / 0.3048 = 3.2808ft

Explain the Relationship Between Feet to Meters.

Feet and meters are both used to measure the length and distances. The relation between feet and meters is quite simple, and you can convert them into each other.

  • 1ft = 0.3048m
  • 1m = 3.2808ft

What is a Meters Unit of Measure?

A meter is the SI unit of a length equal to 100 centimetres, 3.2808 feet or 39.37 inches. From the length of cloth to the length of a room, it helps in every measurement.

Examples to Convert Feet to Meters.

Here is a quick view of some examples to help you with feet-to-meter conversion.

d(m) = 3ft × 0.3048 = 0.9144m

d(m) = 6ft × 0.3048 = 1.8288m

Feet to Meters Conversion Table.

We present a standard table below to help you with the easy conversions of feet to meters.

Feet Meters
0.001 ft 0.0003048 m
0.01 ft 0.003048 m
0.1 ft 0.03048 m
1 ft 0.3048 m
10 ft 3.048 m
100 ft 30.48 m
1000 ft 304.8 m