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When an adult holds its arms out to the sides, this is roughly one yard. The biggest part of your thumb is around 1 inch. If you are 5.10, then the distance from your waist to the floor is roughly a yard. A toddler of three feet will have a one-yard distance from his head to the floor. So, you are familiar with yards and inches through a real-life example.

The confusion starts when you have to set their relationships. You know, yard, and you know, inch, but their relationship seems difficult to each. Don't worry, as we have an amazing platform where you can convert any unit into another unit, whether it is inches to yards or other metric units.

Definition of Yard.

A yard is a unit to measure the length in the US customary and imperial system of measurement. One yard equals 3 feet, 36 inches, and 0.9144 meters. In common terms, a yard is a piece of enclosed ground in front of the house, like a garden or plaza. The yard is considered an ideal unit to measure the field, cricket pitch, football ground, farmhouse, backyard, etc.

What is the Symbol of the Yard?

'yd' is the symbol of the yard.

How to Convert Inches to Yards?

The best way to convert inches to yards is to use the converter, and the other option is you can simply to divide the value in inches by the conversion ratio, i.e., 36. The value in yards is equal to the value in inches divided by 36. One yard is equal to 36 inches.

The Inches-to-yards Conversion Formula.

Here is a direct formula for inches-to-yard conversion.

1 yd = 36 in

d (yd) = d (in) / 36

For instance,

If you want to convert 15 in to yd,

d(yd) = 15 in / 36 = 0.4167 yd

How to Use Our Inches-to-yards Converter?

Our inches-to-yards converter always comes up with quick and precise results. The most comforting prospect is that it is such an easy tool to use. You can get the answer in 3 steps

Step: 1- Click here and access our tool.

Step: 2- Introduce the value of inches in the box.

Step: 3- Click on 'calculate' to convert the value into yards.

You are free to use this tool and can convert as many values as you wish. When you click on the 'swap', the units will get replaced with one another. For instance, when you are on the inches-to-yard converter, and you click on the swap, the conversion from yards to inches will take place. When you click on 'history', then the list of past conversions will appear on the screen.

How Many Yards Are in an Inch?

One inch is equal to 0.0277777 yards

1 in = 1 in / 36

1 in = 0.0277777yd

Why Convert Length From Inches to Yards?

Different people use different measurement units to measure length, height and distance, so to maintain the unity and consistency among the values, conversions are done. Also, when the length is measured, and it seems too much, then people often choose yards over inches for measurement.

In various places, a yard is a reliable unit for measurements, such as football grounds, cricket grounds or any field. Therefore, it becomes necessary to convert the unit to a yard.

Difference Between Inches and Yards.

Though both units are used to measure the length, height and distance in imperial and US customary systems of measurement, there are still differences between them due to their conversion value.

  • One yard is bigger than an inch.
  • 'yd' is the symbol of the yard, while in or "is the symbol of the inch.
  • One yard is equal to 36 inches
  • One inch is equal to 0.0277778 yards or 1/36th of a yard.

What is a Yard Unit of Measurement?

Yard is a unit that measures the length, distances and heights. It is made up of 3 feet or you can say 36 inches. In the metric system, it is equal to 0.9144 meters and 91.44 centimeters.

Examples of Converting Inches to Yards.

We have presented some examples of inches to yd below using a formula,

d (yd) = 25 in / 36 = 0.694 yd

d (yd) = 45 in / 36 = 1.25 yd

Inches to Yards Conversion Table.

To save you time, we have mentioned the conversion of some of the values in inches to yards conversion table,

Inches Yards
0.001 in 0.0000278 yd
0.01 in 0.000278 yd
0.1 in 0.00278 yd
1 in 0.0278 yd
10 in 0.278 yd
100 in 2.78 yd