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Definition of Miles.

A mile is a unit of length and distance in the imperial measurement system. One mile equals 1609.34 meters or 1760 yards or 5280 feet. It is often used to show the land distance. Nearly all Americans and Brits use miles to show you the distance. In other words, it is an English unit of length and distance measurement.

What is the Symbol of Miles?

'mi.' or 'mi' is the abbreviation of miles. And every so often, 'm' is used.

How to Convert Feet to Miles?

To convert feet to miles, you will have to divide the value in feet by the conversion ratio, i.e., 5280. The value in miles equals the value in feet divided by 5280. 1ft equals 1/5280 miles.

The Feet to Miles Conversion Formula.

Here is the straight formula for feet-to-miles conversion,

1ft = 1/5280mi = 0.0001893939mi

d (mi) = d(ft) / 5280

For Instance,

If you want to convert 5 ft to miles,

d (mi) = 5ft / 5280 = 0.0056818 miles

How to Use Our Feet to Miles Converter?

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How Many Feet in a Mile?

One mile comprises 5280 feet:

1mile = 5280ft

Explain the Relationship Between Feet to Miles.

Feet and miles are both the length measuring unit that relates them. Therefore we can also convert them into each other.

  • 1mile = 5280 ft
  • 1ft = 1/5280 mi

What is Miles Unit of Measure?

Mille is the unit of length under an imperial system of measurement. It varies with the different number systems but always lies between 1 to 10 kilometres.

Examples to Convert Feet to Miles.

Here are some examples of converting feet to miles using the formula,

d (mi) = 20ft / 5280 = 0.0037878788 miles

d (mi) = 35ft / 5280 = 0.0066287878788 miles

Feet to Miles Conversion Table.

Just flip through the feet-to-miles conversion table for a better understanding,

Feet Miles
1 ft 0.0001893939 mi
2 ft 0.0003787879 mi
3 ft 0.0005681818 mi
4 ft 0.0007575758 mi
5 ft 0.0009469697 mi
6 ft 0.0011363636 mi
7 ft 0.0013257576 mi
8 ft 0.0015151515 mi
9 ft 0.0017045454 mi
10 ft 0.0018939394 mi