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You might be accustomed to the measurement units such as meters, centimeters, feet, yards, inches, chains, and many more. But you may need clarification while converting them into each other. You might make silly mistakes due to an erroneous conversion ratio, resulting in a wrong answer.

Therefore, we have a tool that makes the conversion process smooth. You can easily convert inches to chains or another unit and get an accurate answer. See how this magical converter will help you.

Definition of Chains.

A chain is an imperial unit of length measurement. In the metric measuring system, a chain is equal to 66 feet. It is also 22 yards in the imperial measurement system. In fire-control operations, it is frequently used. In simple terms, there are 80 chains in a mile. It is a flexible length of metal links used to gauge distance and area.

What is the Chains Symbol?

The letter "ch" stands for a chain.

What is a Chain Unit of Measurement?

Chain (ch) is the unit of measuring length equal to 66 feet or 22 yards, or 792 inches. It equals a hundred links of iron, each 7.92 inches and 20.1168 m long.

How to Convert Inches to Chains?

You can use our tiny converter to convert inches to chains or directly divide the value in inches by the conversion ratio, i.e., 792. The value in chains equals the value in inches divided by 792. One chain is equal to 792 inches.

The Inches to Chains Conversion Formula.

You can use the direct formula for inches-to-chain conversion,

One chain= 792 chains

1 in = 0.00126263 ch

d (ch) = d (in) / 792

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 in to ch,

d (ch) = 5 in / 792 = 0.006313 chains

How to Use Our Inches to Chains Converter?

You can effortlessly use our tool to convert units using our inches-to-chains converter just in three steps,

Step: 1- Click here to use the inches to chains calculator.

Step: 2- Put the value of inches.

Step: 3- Click on 'calculate' for quick conversion.

You will get the result as you click on calculate. Additionally, you can swap the units from 'inches to chains' or 'chains to inches' when you click on 'swap.' Whenever you enter a new value, you will get the result at the same speed.

How Many Chains Are in an Inch?

1 in = 0.0012626263 ch

1 in = 1/792 ch.

Why Convert Length From Inches to Chains?

The chain is 792 times bigger than inches. Inch measures shorter heights while chain measures larger distances. An inch is not an appropriate measurement unit to measure the land or plot while the chain is. When the value of length is equal to or more than 792 inches, it is easy to express in chains. Chains will give a smaller value than inches. Besides, people have reasons for the conversion, such as homework, live projects, sharpening their numerical skills, and many more.

What is the Difference Between Inches and Chains?

Inches and Chains are the units used to measure the length in the Imperial Measurement System and the United States Customary System. Look how they differ from each other.

  • They both have the same quantity but have different values.
  • A chain is quite bigger than inches.
  • Inches are used to measure shorter heights, while chains are used to measure longer distances.
  • 'in' or "is the symbol of inches, while 'ch' is of chains.
  • One chain is made up of 792 inches.
  • One inch is equal to 0.0012626263 ch.

What is the Current Use of Chains?

A chain is an imperial unit that has various applications. It is often used in surveying the measurement of land or plots, commonly for commercial purposes. It helps to measure the long distance accurately. Besides this, there are various other uses.

Examples of Converting Inches to Chains.

Take help from the below examples to convert inches to chains,

d (ch) = 15 in / 792 = 0.018939 chains

d (ch) = 35 in / 792 = 0.044192 chains

Inches to Chains Conversion Table.

Have a look at below conversion table for converting inches to chains,

Inches Chains
0.001 in 0.000001262 ch
0.01 in 0.000012626 ch
0.1 in 0.000126263 ch
1 in 0.001262626 ch
2 in 0.002525252 ch
3 in 0.003787879 ch
4 in 0.005050505 ch
6 in 0.007575756 ch
7 in 0.008838384 ch
8 in 0.010101010 ch
9 in 0.011363636 ch
10 in 0.012626263 ch
100 in 0.126262626 ch