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Definition of Miles.

A mile is a unit of length and distance in the imperial measurement system. One mile equals 1609.34 meters or 1760 yards or 5280 feet. It is often used to measure land distance. A mile measures the long distance between the town and any two places.

The majority of Americans and Britons use miles to measure distance. In other terms, it is an English unit for measuring length and distance. Miles and kilometres are sometimes confusing; therefore, to be accurate, one mile is approximately 1.609 kilometres.

What is the Symbol of Miles?

The acronym for miles is "mi." or "mi." And 'm' is also used.

What is Miles's Unit of Measure?

A mile is the unit of length in an imperial measurement system. It is approximately 1609.34 metres, 5280 feet, 1760 yards, or 1.609 kilometres, making up one mile.

What Are the Current Uses of Miles?

A mile is a unit of measurement for length in the British imperial system. It is often used to calculate the travel distance between two places. It also helps to express the car's speed in miles per hour.

How Many Miles Are in a Kilometer?

One kilometre equals 1/1.609344 miles

1 km = 1 km /1.609 miles.

1 km = 0.6213711 mi

How to Convert Kilometers to Miles?

To convert kilometres to miles for an instant answer, you can use km to miles converter. Or, you must divide the value in kilometres by the conversion ratio, i.e., 1.609. The value in miles equals the value of kilometres divided by 1.609. One mile is equal to 1.609344 kilometres.

The Kilometers to Miles Conversion Formula.

You can convert km to miles using a below mentioned formula,

1 mi = 1.609344 kilometers

1 km = 1/1.609344 miles

d (mi.) = d (km) / 1.609

For instance,

If you want to convert 4 km to miles,

d (mi) = 4 km / 1.609344 = 2.48548 miles

How to Use Our Kilometers to Miles Converter?

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Why Convert Length From Kilometers to Miles?

Kilometres and miles are both used to measure the distance between two places. People from different countries use any of these two units to show the distance between two destinations. Americans and the British often use miles, while Asians use kilometres. So, people convert km to miles to get an accurate measurement in their familiar unit or if they maintain data in miles. Besides this, no law mandates km to miles conversion.

What is the Difference Between Kilometers to Miles?

Both units measure the geographical distance between two destinations; however, they have some points of difference.

  • A kilometre is a metric unit, while a mile is an imperial unit.
  • Km and mi both have different values but the same measuring quantities.
  • A mile is slightly bigger than a kilometre in terms of value.
  • 'km' is for kilometres, while 'mi' is for miles.
  • One kilometre makes 0.6213711 mi.
  • One mile makes 1.609 kilometres.

Examples of Converting Kilometers to Miles.

Have a look at the below examples of km to miles conversion.

d (mi) = 26 km / 1.609344 = 16.156 miles

d (mi) = 15 km / 1.609344 = 9.321 miles

Kilometres to Miles Conversion Table.

Below is the standard conversion table for kilometres to miles,

Kilometers Miles
0.1 km 0.0621371 mi
1 km 0.621371 mi
2 km 1.242742 mi
3 km 1.864114 mi
4 km 2.485485 mi
5 km 3.106855 mi
6 km 3.728227 mi
7 km 4.349598 mi
8 km 4.970970 mi
9 km 5.592341 mi
10 km 6.213712 mi
100 km 62.137119 mi