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Definition of Meters.

In metric and international units, a meter is the basic unit of length or distance. A metre equals a hundred centimetres and 39.37 inches. It measures the distance between two places, the length of rooms or houses, the size of the grounds, the size of cloth etc.

What is the Symbol of Meters?

'm' is the abbreviation of a meter.

How to Convert Inches to Meters?

To convert inches to meters, you can use our Converter, or you can divide the value of inches by the conversion ratio, i.e., 39.37 or multiply the value of inches by 0.0254. The value in meters is equal to the value in inches times 0.0254. One inch is equal to 0.0254.

The Inches to Meters Conversion Formula.

You can use the direct inches-to-meters conversion formula mentioned below,

1″ = 0.0254m

1 m = 39.37 inches

d (m) = d (in) × 0.0254


d (m) = d (in) / 39.37

For instance,

If you want to convert 15 inches to a meter,

d(m) = 15 in × 0.0254 = 0.381 m


d(m) = 15 in / 39.37 = 0.381 m

What is a Meter's Unit of Measure?

A meter is the SI unit of a length in the metric measurement system that is equal to 100 centimetres, 3.2808 feet or 39.37 inches. From the length of cloth to the length of a room, it helps in every measurement.

How to Use Our Inches to Meters Converter?

You can grab the results using our inches-to-meter Converter in easy-peasy steps and know-how!

Step: 1- Click here to enter the Converter.

Step: 2- Put the value of inches in the box.

Step: 3- Click on 'calculate' for conversion.

You will get the results in no time. You can swap the units and see your past conversions once you click on 'history'. You can use our Converter for free.

Why Convert Length From Inches to Meter?

There are various reasons to convert inches to meters. To get unity and consistency in different people's measurements, conversions need to be done.

Meter is the SI unit of length; it is accepted universally, so people often prefer the meter as the unit to measure length. Also, when the length is big enough, the meter is preferable rather than inches for precise results.

Difference Between Inches and Meters.

Both the units are used to measure length, but still, they have the difference between them,

  • Meter is the SI unit of length in the metric system, while inches in the imperial system of measurement
  • 'm' is the symbol of the meter, while, in or "is the symbol of
  • inches
  • Meter is bigger than inches
  • One meter equals 39.37 inches, and one inch is equal to 0.0254 m

How Many Meters Are in an Inch?

One inch is equal to 0.0254 m

1″ = 0.0254m

1″ = 1/39.37 m

Examples of Converting Inches to Meters.

Here are some examples to help you convert in to m using formulas,

  • d(m) = 25 in × 0.0254 = 0.635 m

OR d (m) = 25 in / 39.37 = 0.635 m

  • d(m) = 30 in × 0.0254 = 0.762 m

OR d (m) = 30 in / 39.37 = 0.762 m

Inches to Meters Conversion Table.

Have a look at some of the converted values in the below table,

Inches Meters
0.01 in 0.000254 m
1/32 in 0.000793750 m
0.1 in 0.00254 m
1 in 0.0254 m
10 in 0.2540 m
100 in 2540 m