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You may know FEET and YARD, but you find their conversion a Bit HARD. Chill and use our Converter wherever you stop during metric conversions. On our page, You will get to know each measurement unit and especially their conversions. You can easily switch feet into yards using our innovative tool.

Definition of Yards.

A yard is a unit of length under the imperial system of measurement. One Yard equals three feet or 36 inches, or 0.9144 meters.

What is the Symbol of Yards?

'yd' is the symbol to represent Yard.

How to Convert Feet to Yards?

To convert feet to yards, you will have to divide the value in feet by the conversion ratio, i.e., 3. The value in yards equals the value in feet divided by 3. One Yard equals three feet.

The Feet to Yards Conversion Formula.

Use the below feet-to-yards formula for conversion,

1 yard = 3feet

d(yd) = d(ft) / 3

For instance,

If you want to convert 30 ft to yards,

d(yd) = 30 ft / 3 = 10yd

How to Use Our Feet to Yards Converter?

If you want to be stuck in the formulas and decimals things and still want an error-free answer, then you can use our feet-to-yard Converter for quick and flawless results. Look how!

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You can convert as many values as you wish; there are no limitations. You will get the answer with the same accuracy and speed every time.

How Many Yards Are in a Feet?

One foot equals 0.33333 yards

1ft = 1ft / 3 = 0.33333….yd

Explain the Relationship Between Feet to Yards.

Both units are used to measure length and distances. See how they are related to each other, and conversion to yards is possible.

  • 1 Yard = 3feet
  • 1ft = 0.33333 yards
  • If you divide any value of feet by 3, you will get the value in yards

What is a Yards Unit of Measure?

A yard is a unit of length in an imperial system equal to 36 inches. From arrows and cloth to small fields, Yard helps to measure the length.

Examples to Convert Feet to Yards.

Just flip through the below examples,

d(yd) = 20 ft / 3 = 6.66667yd

d(yd) = 35 ft / 3 = 11.66667yd

Feet to Yards Conversion Table.

Look at the feet to yards conversion table below,

Feet Yards
0.01 ft 0.0033333 yd
0.1 ft 0.033333 yd
1 ft 0.33333 yd
2 ft 0.66667 yd
3 ft 1 yd
10 ft 3.33333 yd
100 ft 33.33333 yd