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Definition of Kilometres.

The kilometer is the most common international unit of measuring distance and length. It is a metric unit of length consisting of 1000 meters. It is approximately 0.62 miles and 3280.8 feet. It is usually used to measure the distance between places far from each other. The distance can also be measured in miles. British people often use miles over a kilometer, but now kilometer is used internationally.

What is the Symbol of Kilometers?

'Km' is the symbol of Kilometers.

How to Convert Kilometers to Meters?

You can use our converter for a kilometer to meter conversion, or you can multiply the value in kilometers by the conversion ratio, i.e., 1000. The value in meters is equal to the value in kilometers times 1000. One kilometer is equal to one thousand meters.

The Kilometers to Meters Conversion Formula.

You can directly use the below formula to convert kilometers to meters,

1 km = 1000 m

d (m) = d (km) × 1000

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 km to m,

d (m) = 5 km × 1000 = 5000 m

How to Use Our Kilometers to Meters Converter?

Save your valuable time by using our kilometer to meter converter. Grab the answer in three simple steps.

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Step: 3- Press 'calculate' for conversion.

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How Many Kilometers Are in a Meter?

One meter is the one-thousandth of a kilometer

1m = 1/1000 km

1m = 0.001 km

Difference Between Kilometers to Meters.

The kilometer and meter are metric units to measure the length and distance. They differ as they have different values though having the same quantity.

  • A kilometer is bigger than a meter.
  • The kilometer measures long distances, while the meter measures a shorter distance than km.
  • 'km' represents kilometers while 'm' shows meters.
  • One kilometer is equal to one thousand meter.
  • One meter is one-thousandth of a kilometer.

Why Convert Length From Kilometers to Meters?

When the length or distance between two places is less than one kilometer, it should be converted to a meter. Meter is an appropriate unit to measure the cricket pitch, fields, football ground, height of a person, and any length shorter than a kilometer. If in these cases, a kilometer is used, then the value will appear in decimals or might look awkward.

What is the Current Use of Kilometers?

A kilometer is an international unit measuring the earth's distance between two places far from each other. It also measures the distance of a runway. It also helps to show the distance between the planet, sun, or moon. Kilometer also represents the distance from the ground to the sky.

What is a Kilometers Unit of Measure?

The kilometer is the unit that measures the length in a metric and international system of units. It is equal to one 1000 meters or 0.6214 miles or 10,00,000 mm or 1,00,000 cm or 1093.61 yards or 3280.84 feet.

Examples to Convert Kilometers to Meters.

Below, we have given some illustrations of km to m conversion using a formula,

d (m) = 10 km × 1000 = 10,000 m

d (m) = 24 km × 1000 = 24,000 m

Kilometers to Meters Conversion Table.

Just go through the below table for a better understanding of the concept,

Kilometers Meters
0.001 km 1 m
0.01 km 10 m
0.1 km 100 m
1 km 1000 m
2 km 2,000 m
3 km 3,000 m
10 km 10,000 m
100 km 1,00,000 m