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Are you ferreting out a simple converter to ease your calculations? Then, you have landed at the right destination. We will enlighten you here with each unit of measurement. On this page, you may convert any unit to suit your needs.

Meters and feet are something you come across when discussing height and distance. These are often used terms; however, we find ourselves in a great dilemma when it comes to quick conversion. Therefore, we have presented a straightforward converter to switch meters to feet. Know More!

Definition of Feet.

Before converting meters to feet, one must know what a foot is. The foot is a single unit of measurement, while feet is the plural of it. The foot is the unit that measures length under the imperial measurement system. One foot equals 30.48 centimetres. While it is one-third of a yard, and also it is equal to twelve inches.

What is the Symbol of Feet?

It is usually notated by ‘ft.’

How to Convert Meters to Feet?

If you want to convert m to ft, multiply the value of the meter by 3.2808 since one meter is approximately 3.28084 feet. To be more precise, one meter equals 3.280839895ft. Use the decimals as per your requirements.

The Meters to Feet Conversion Formula.

If the numbers after decimal confuse you, then use the below formula,

1m = 3.280839895ft

D (ft) = d(m) × 3.280839895

For instance,

If you want to convert 30 m into feet, then,

D (ft) = 30m × 3.280839895 = 98.42519685

If you want precise answers in meters to feet and inches, then 30m= 98ft and 5.1023622 in.

How to Use Our Meters to Feet Converter?

Convert m to feet in a flash using a meter to feet inches calculator.

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How Many Meters Are in a Foot?

Meter is the SI unit of length and distance.

One foot equals 0.3048 meters:

1ft = 0.3048m

What is the Feet Unit of Measure?

Foot (ft) is often used to measure length, height, distances, and human foot for shoe size. It is also used in measuring altitudes and elevations. It is equal to 30.48 cm, 1/3 of a yard and 12 inches.

Examples of Converting Meters to Feet.

15 m = 15 × 3.280839895 ft = 49.2125984252 ft

8m = 8 x 3.280839895 ft = 26.24671916 ft

Meters to Feet Conversion Table.

Have a look at the standard Meters to Feet Conversion table

Meter Feet
0.01 m 0.0328084 ft
0.1 m 0.328084 ft
1 m 3.28084 ft
10 m 32.80840 ft
100 m 328.08399 ft