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Definition of Gigavolts.

Gigavolt is a multiple unit of electromotive force or electrical potential difference. It is generated by a particle with one charged electron when it passes through the potential difference of one billion volts in a vacuum.

What is the Symbol of Gigavolts?

GV is the symbol of Gigavolts.

How to Convert Gigavolts to Volts?

To convert Gigavolts to volts, you must multiply the voltage by the conversion ratio. Since one Gigavolt equals one billion volts, multiply the Gigavolts by 1,000,000,000 to convert them to volts.

The Gigavolts to Volts Conversion Formula.

You can apply the direct Gigavolts to Volts conversion formula to get an answer.

Gigavolts To Volts Formula

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How Many Gigavolts Are in a Volt?

1V = 10-9 GV

1V = 0.000000001 GV

One volt is equal to the one-billionth of a Gigavolt.

What is the Difference Between Gigavolts and Volts?

  • Gigavolt is a multiple unit of voltage. It is used to measure an enormous quantity of voltage. The abbreviation of Gigavolt is GV. Gigavolt consists of one billion volts.
  • Volt is the basic unit of voltage. The abbreviation of Volts is V. One volt equals the one-billionth part of a Gigavolt.

What is Gigavolt's Unit of Measure?

Gigavolts (GV) is the unit of electrical potential difference equal to 109 Volts.

Examples of Converting Gigavolts to Volts.

Look at the examples given below,

V(V) = 3GV × 109 = 3×109 V

V(V) = 6GV × 109 = 6×109 V

V(V) = 7GV × 109 = 7×109 V

V(V) = 9GV × 109 = 9×109 V

Gigavolts to Volts Conversion Table.

Have a quick view of the Gigavolts to Volts Conversion table.

Gigavolts Volts
1 GV 109 V
0.1 GV 108 V
0.01 GV 107 V
0.001 GV 106 V
0.0001 GV 105 V
0.00001 GV 104 V
0.000001 GV 103 V