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Definition of Chains.

A chain is a measurement unit that measures an object's length in an imperial measurement system. If we convert it into feet, a chain equals 66 feet. It is also 22 yards in the imperial measurement system. In fire-control operations, it is frequently used. In other terms, a mile contains 80 chains. It is a flexible length of metal links used to gauge distance and area.

What is the Chains Symbol?

The letter "ch" is a symbol of a chain.

What is a chain Unit of Measurement?

Chain (ch) is the unit of measuring length equal to 66 feet or 22 yards, or 792 inches. It equals a hundred links of iron, each 7.92 inches and 20.1168m long.

What is the Current Use of Chains?

A chain is an imperial unit that has various applications. It is often used in surveying the measurement of land or plots, commonly for commercial purposes. It helps to measure the long distance accurately. Besides this, there are various other uses.

How Many Chains Are in a Yard?

One yard is equal to 0.0454545 chains

1 yd = 1/22 chains

1 yd = 0.0454545 chains

How to Convert Yards to Chains?

For instant results, you can use our converter. Or, you can directly divide the value in yards by the conversion ratio, i.e., 22, to convert yards to chains. The value in chains equals the value in yards divided by 22. One chain is made up of 22 yards.

The Yards to Chains Conversion Formula.

You can use the below formula for yards to chains conversion,

1 ch = 22 yards

1 yard = 1/22 chains

d (ch) = d (yd) / 22

For instance,

If you want to convert 50 yards to ch,

d (ch) = 50 yards / 22 = 2.27273 chains.

How to Use Our Yards to Chains Converter?

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What is the Difference Between Yards and Chains?

Yards and chains are both British imperial units of measuring lengths. However, the below points will clarify the difference between them.

  • A chain is relatively bigger than a yard.
  • 'yd' is the symbol of yards, while 'ch' is for chains.
  • They both have distinct values but have the same quantity.
  • One chain equals 22 yards.
  • One yard equals 0.0454545 chains.

Why Convert Length From Yards to Chains?

A chain is 22 times bigger than the yards. When the value of any length is equal to or above 22 yards, it is easy to express it in chains. Suppose the length value is 66 yards; if we convert it into yards, the result will be 3 chains. People often convert it to have data with easy numbers. Besides this, people prefer to convert yards to chains when they maintain the data in chains, to enhance numerical skills for academic or work purposes. Or they find it easy to get the data in yards but then prefer to convert it into chains.

Examples of Converting Yards to Chains.

Here are examples of yards to chains conversion,

d (ch) = 88 yards / 22 = 4 chains.

d (ch) = 180 yards / 22 = 8.18 chains.

Yards to Chains Conversion Table.

Have a look at below yards to chain conversion table,

h ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch
Yards Chains
0.001 yd 0.00004545455 ch
0.01 yd 0.00045454545 ch
0.1 yd 0.0045454545 ch
1 yd 0.045454545 c
2 yd 0.0909090909
3 yd 0.1363636364
4 yd 0.1818181818
5 yd 0.2272727273
6 yd 0.2727272727
7 yd 0.3181818182
8 yd 0.3636363636
9 yd 0.4090909091