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“Math with zeros and decimals is pointless.”

Stop looking for a converter when you are already here. We believe you must not want to dish your time out in little conversions, so we present a handy converter to solve your problems quickly. You can easily convert meter to Decimetre and Decimetre to meter right here.

Definition of Decimetre.

Decimetre is a unit measuring length in the metric system and International Systems of Units. Deci means ‘one-tenth,’ and Decimetre represents one-tenth of a meter. Decimetre is around four inches and 10 centimeters.

What is the Symbol of Decimetres?

‘dm’ is the symbol of Decimetre.

How to Convert Meters to Decimetres?

You can convert the meter to Decimetre by multiplying the value in Metre by ten. Since the value in Decimetre is equal to the value in meter times ten. One meter equals ten Decimeters.

The Meters to Decimetres Conversion Formula.

You don’t have to dig more into the calculation, as you can use a direct meter to decimetre conversion formula.

1 metre = 10 dm

D(dm) = D(m) x 10

For Instance,

If you want to convert 5 m to dm then,

D(dm) = 5m x 10 = 50

How to Use Our Meters to Decimetres Converter?

For a long time, people have been dependent on formulas and lengthy calculations, but now you have an effortless meter-to-decimetre converter, and so for the other metric conversions, look at how to use the converter to get the answer without calculating.

  • Click here to access our tool.
  • Put the value of the Metre in the box.
  • Click ‘calculate’ to get the results.

So, this way, you can convert any value of m to dm. Also, you can swamp the units in the same place.

How Many Meters Are in Decimetres?

  • Decimetre is one-tenth of a meter
  • 1 Dm = 0.1 m

What is the Difference Between Meters & Decimetres?

Metre and Decimetre both the units of measuring length in the metric system but look how they differ,

  • A meter is the SI unit of Length measurement.
  • Decimetre is a unit that measures length in aegis in the metric system.
  • ‘m’ represents Metre
  • ‘dm’ represents Decimetre
  • One Metre embraces ten decimetres
  • One Decimetre is one-tenth of a meter

What is the Decimetres Unit of Measure?

Decimetre (dm) is a unit of length measurement equal to ten centimeters and one-tenth of a meter. Its imperial value is 3.9370 in.

Examples to Convert Meters to Decimetres.

Though having Metre to decimetre equation and Metre to decimetre calculator, you should be familiar with computing values. Refer to the below examples,

D(dm) = 10m x 10 =100 dm

D(dm) = 15m x 10 = 150 dm

Meters to Decimetres Conversion Table.

Have a quick look below at Metre to decimetre conversion table,

Meter Decimetre
0.01 m 0.1 dm
0.1 m 1 dm
1 m 10 dm
10 m 100 dm
100 m 1000 dm