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Definition of Decimeters.

Decimetre is a unit of length measurement in the metric system and the International Systems of Units. The word "deci" means "one-tenth," hence the term "decimetre" refers to one-tenth of a metre. One decimetre is equal to 3.9370 inches and also 10 centimetres.

What is the Symbol of Decimeters?

The word "dm" stands for decimeter.

What is a Decimeters Unit of Measure?

The international system of units uses the decimetre (dm) as the metric unit of length measurement. It is equal to 3.9370 inches, 0.0001 km and ten millimetres. It is also 100 millimetres, 100000 micrometres or one-tenth of a metre.

What is the Current Use of Decimeters?

Because decimeters are either too large to be used over centimetres or too little to be used over a foot, they are rarely used. It is used to determine the size of very small objects. People use it in rare cases.

How Many Decimeters Are in a Kilometer?

One kilometre is equal to 10,000 decimeters

1 km = 10,000 dm

1 km = 104

How to Convert Kilometers to Decimeters?

Using kilometres to decimeters converter is an effortless way to convert km to dm, or you must multiply the value in kilometres by the conversion ratio, i.e., 10,000. The value in decimeters is equal to the value in kilometres times 10,000. One kilometre equals 10,000 decimeters.

The Kilometers to Decimeters Conversion Formula.

You can apply the below-presented kilometres to decimeters formula,

1 km = 10,000 dm

1 dm = 0.0001 km

d (dm) = d (km) x 10,000

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 kilometres to dm,

d (dm) = 5 km x 10,000 = 50,000 decimeters.

How to Use Our Kilometers to Decimeters Converter?

Follow the steps below for quicker kilometres to decimeters conversions.

Step 1: Click here to access the km to dm converter.

Step 2: Enter the kilometres value in the text input box.

Step 3: To get an instant conversion, click "calculate."

When you click on calculate, the results will appear on your screen. The bright side is that you will discover the outcomes together with the formulae and the solution. You'll see options for fractions and decimals when you obtain the results. Any choice is up for grabs, depending on your needs. Simply input the new amount and click on 'calculate' for another conversion if you wish to convert a different value.

What is the Difference Between Kilometers and Decimeters?

There are some differences between kilometres and decimeters, though they are measurement units in the metric system.

  • The Kilometer is significantly bigger than a decimeter.
  • A Kilometer measures the distance between 2 places, while decimeters determine the size of small objects.
  • 'km' is for kilometres while 'dm' is for decimeters.
  • Both are of the same quantity but have different values.
  • One kilometre consists of 10,000 decimeters.
  • One decimeter consists of 0.0001 kilometres.

Why Convert Length From Kilometers to Decimeters?

There is no particular law that mandates km to decimeters conversion. However, this conversion is required in various areas, such as to increase quantitative aptitude, academic purpose, any live projects, or if someone wants to maintain the data in decimeters. However, we suggest you this conversion, when the value of distance or height is very less than 1 km, it is easy to present it in decimeters. Besides this, there may be other reasons to have km to dm conversion.

Examples to Convert Kilometers to Decimeters.

Below examples will help you go from km to dm,

d (dm) = 0.5 km x 10,000 = 5,000 decimeters.

d (dm) = 0.25 km x 10,000 = 2500 decimeters.

Kilometres to Decimeters Conversion Table.

Take a glance at the kilometres to decimeters conversion table,

Kilometers Decimeters
0.0001 km 1 dm
0.001 km 10 dm
0.01 km 100 dm
0.1 km 1,000 dm
1 km 10,000 dm
2 km 20,000 dm
3 km 30,000 dm
4 km 40,000 dm
6 km 60,000 dm
7 km 70,000 dm
8 km 80,000 dm
9 km 90,000 dm
10 km 1,00,000 dm
100 km 10,00,000 dm