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“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

You might be familiar with the metric units; however, suddenly, you will get jumbled when it comes to converting the unit into another unit. So here is why we present a converter to help you get a to-the-point answer.

You certainly know that one foot is equal to thirty-point four eight, but you will find yourself in trouble when you have to convert 6 feet or any number to the centimeter. In this case, use our Converter without any doubt to switch feet to centimeters or any other metric conversion.

What is a Centimeter?

A centimeter is a unit that measures length in the metric system, equal to one-hundredth of a meter. A centimeter is a multiple of a meter.

You have surely seen rulers; they often come with a combination of two metric measurements, i.e., centimeters or inches. So, this can help you get an idea of cm. Centimeters measure small objects such as bottles, pencils, books, pens, and so on. They are similar to the inches in the imperial system but smaller than it.

How to Convert Feet to Centimeters?

You can easily convert feet to centimeters by multiplying the length in feet by the conversion ratio, i.e., 30.48. The length in centimeters is equal to the length in feet times 30.48.

Feet to CM Formula

You can use the feet-to-centimeter formula for the conversion.

1ft= 30.48cm

d(cm) = d(ft) × 30.48

For Instance,

If you want to convert 15 ft to cm,

d(cm) = 15ft × 30.48 = 457.2 cm

How to Convert 10 Feet to Centimeters?

To convert 10 ft to centimeters, multiply ten by 30.48 to get the answer.

d(cm) = 10ft × 30.48 = 304.8 cm

What Are 5 Feet to Cm?

5 ft is equal to 152.4 cm

Using formula,

d(cm) = 5ft × 30.48 = 152.4 cm

How to Use Our Feet to Centimeters Converter?

Rather than getting stuck in decimals, choose our feet-to-centimeter Converter for the quick answer. Feet to centimeter conversion has become super easy because of this handy Converter; look how.

  • Click here to reach our Converter.
  • Enter the value of feet in the box.
  • Click on ‘Calculate,’ and you will see your answer in the blink of an eye.

You can convert any value of feet to a centimeter. If you click on clear, the field will get clear, so you can put any value in it. A list of past calculations will appear on your screen if you click on history. The best thing about our Converter is you can swamp the units in the same place if required.

How Many Feet in a Centimeters?

1 cm = 0.032808 ft

1 cm= 1/30.48 cm= 0.032808 ft

Difference Between Feet and Cm.

Both the units measure length, but here is the difference between ft and cm,

Feet Centimeter
Feet is a unit of length measurement that is equal to 12 inches. A centimeter is a unit measuring length equal to one-tenth of a meter.
Feet are accepted in the US customary system of measurement and imperial system of measurement. The centimeter is accepted in the metric system and as an international system of units.
‘ft’ represents feet. ‘cm’ represents Centimetre.
One foot equals 30.48cm. 1 cm equals 0.032808 ft
It helps to measure the altitude or height of any object or person. It helps to measure objects with shorter heights, such as pens, books, bottles, etc. It is most importantly used to measure the amount of rainfall.

What Are the Current Uses of Feet and Centimeters?

Metric and imperial measurement systems have no trend as they are forever things. Feet are always used to measure the altitudes and heights of a person, objects, or mountains. A centimeter is often used to measure the amount of rainfall or things with shorter heights.

Examples to Convert Feet to Centimetres.

Here are some examples of feet-to-centimeter conversion using a formula.

d(cm) = 15ft × 30.48 = 457.2 cm

d(cm) = 35ft × 30.48 = 1066.8 cm

Feet to the Centimeters Conversion Table.

Have a quick look at feet to centimeter conversion table,

Foot / Feet Centimetre
0.01 ft 0.305 cm
0.1 ft 3.05 cm
1 ft 30.48 cm
10 ft 304.8 cm
100 ft 3048 cm