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You might have studied the meaning of various metric and imperial units, but it will still make you think when you want to convert one unit into another unit. So, this is why we are here.

Definition of Decimeters.

The metric system and the International Systems of Units use the Decimetre as a unit of length measurement. Decimetre stands for one-tenth of a metre because the prefix "deci" means "one-tenth." One Decimetre is equal to four inches and also ten centimetres.

What is the Symbol of Decimeters?

The symbol "dm" stands for Decimetre.

How to Convert Feet to Decimeters?

You can convert feet to Decimetre easily by multiplying the value in feet by the conversion ratio, i.e., 3.048. The value in Decimetre is equal to the value in feet multiplied by 3.048. One foot is equal to 3.048 decimetres. If this seems challenging, you can directly use our Converter for foot-to-decimetre conversion.

The Feet to Decimeters Conversion Formula.

Formulas are the constants of mathematics which you can rely on too. So, below we have presented the feet-to-decimetre conversion formula.

1ft = 3.048 dm

d (dm) = d(ft) x 3.048

For instance,

If you want to convert 5 ft to dm then,

d (dm) = 5 ft x 3.048 = 15.24 dm

The best thing is you don't need to mug up formulas or spend your time on long methods for conversion because here we have a magical converter. You can use feet to decimetre converter, which hands out the answer in no time.

How to Use Our Feet to Decimeters Converter?

You can use our Converter, which responds with a single click. See how it works,

  • You will enter our tool when you Click here.
  • You have to enter the value of feet in the box.
  • Give a single click on 'calculate', and you will see the result.

You can convert as many values as you wish. Additionally, you can get a list of your past conversions when you click on history. Also, you can swap the units with a click at the same place.

How Many Feet Are in a Decimetre?

  • One Decimetre is equal to 0.328084
  • 1 dm = 1 ft / 3.048

What is a Decimeters Unit of Measure?

Decimetre (dm) is a unit of length measurement in the international system of units, equal to ten centimetres and approximately 3.9370 inches. It is one-tenth of a metre and also equal to 100 millimetres.

Explain the Relationship Between Feet to Decimeters.

Feet and Decimetres are the length measuring units in the metric system and the international measurement system. Therefore they are related to each other.

  • Decimetre is bigger than a foot.
  • 1 dm = 1 ft / 3.048
  • 1ft = 3.048 dm
  • They have direct relations, so we can convert them into each other by using the conversion factor.

Examples to Convert Feet to Decimeters.

Here are some examples of converting feet to Decimetre using the formula,

d (dm) = 15 ft x 3.048 = 45.72 dm

d (dm) = 30 ft x 3.048 = 91.44 dm

Feet to Decimeters Conversion Table.

Look at direct feet to decimetres conversions of some of the values in the below conversion table.

Feet Decimetre
0.001 ft 0.003048 dm
0.01 ft 0.03048 dm
0.1 ft 0.3048 dm
1 ft 3.048 dm
2 ft 6.096 dm
10 ft 30.48 dm
100 ft 304.8 dm
1000 ft 3048 dm